Boundlessly uncomplicated

Capture2Surrounding us day after day, from very close-by or from afar, Nature undoubtedly represents a treasure. But there seems to be some sort of materialistic misconception when it comes to this type of resemblance… Paradoxically, despite the complexity defining it, in all its well known corners as well as from deep within the ones yet unexplored, Nature breathes simplicity. And there are literally some life lessons one will not learn only by skimming through books.

Colorful pigeons branch art photography resize

The stream within

Capture2There is no other tool to carve the groove for the stream within but the will to reach the endless sea, awaiting patiently on an end not yet figured out. And oh, the inviting sound of its impetuous waves flows back towards the thirsty spirit… The poor fish, their way might be troublesome, but those out-of-reach reveries need a lot more wearisome swimming.

Fish colorful art photography resize.jpg


Heartfelt home

Capture2Coziness is when the rhythm inside of you heart vibrates in harmony with everything that more or less surrounds you –  from long forgotten memories to that hidden corner of the window bench which seems to be the first greeting the new born morning rays…

Purple mug gingerbread art photography resize

Gingerbread stories

Capture2Every little piece of dessert seems to portray some kind of personality of its own, like an unmistakable way of making its presence felt… Most of all, so it the case with gingerbread as well… And that is because inside its crumbly coating there seems to lay hidden the taste of every winter story ever told, story that nowadays unravels from the very instant when the nostrils are tickled by the spicy scents.

Gingerbread heart shape resize

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