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Colorful letters, colorful wor(l)ds

Capture4What would colors say if, for a brief moment in time, they could posses the gift of speaking, of uttering words beautifully aligned in vivid dialogues or in never-ending monologues? Would the green whisper from deep within the emerald seas? Would the fiery orange sing odes to the picturesque summer sunset, or would it indulge in the art of conversation with the mighty shade of blue while sharing the evening canvas of the sky?

There`s a chance that no one will ever know with certainty, but what is for sure is that day I could really hear sweet verses rising from the delicate pink of a fresh peony…

66 Colorful pens spiral planner resize (Thoughts).jpg


Capture2Perhaps dreams are somehow scattered up above like tiny seeds and one ought to slowly grow towards them day by day, breath by breath, carefully mounting the treacherous ladder of the so impetuous fears, while leaving behind the powerful roots of nothing else but Hope itself.

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