Perhaps dreams are somehow scattered up above like tiny seeds and one ought to slowly grow towards them day by day, breath by breath, carefully mounting the treacherous ladder of the so impetuous fears, while leaving behind the powerful roots of nothing else but Hope itself


Autumn wears Earrings

Autumn wears Earrings and long silky golden hemmed garments, so incredibly plentiful that even the mildest breath of wind tears them apart little by little, until the very moment when She finds herself almost entirely stripped and ready to put on the white frozen robe of Winter


It looks like a heavy-hearted painter just passed by, with his mere footprints nothing else but golden leaves… Little did he know back then that on the withered canvas of Time he himself appeared as the only Masterpiece

Where Winter reigns

Among all Seasons, the white one – so to say – seems to always be quite impressive: sometimes stirring, other times too silent in its seeming purity, the grace of Winter both transforms and makes her appearance as a proof that Spring may not be too far away…