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Boundlessly uncomplicated

Capture2Surrounding us day after day, from very close-by or from afar, Nature undoubtedly represents a treasure. But there seems to be some sort of materialistic misconception when it comes to this type of resemblance… Paradoxically, despite the complexity defining it, in all its well known corners as well as from deep within the ones yet unexplored, Nature breathes simplicity. And there are literally some life lessons one will not learn only by skimming through books.

Colorful pigeons branch art photography resize


The stream within

Capture2There is no other tool to carve the groove for the stream within but the will to reach the endless sea, awaiting patiently on an end not yet figured out. And oh, the inviting sound of its impetuous waves flows back towards the thirsty spirit… The poor fish, their way might be troublesome, but those out-of-reach reveries need a lot more wearisome swimming.

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capture412.jpgperfumed Candles glittering close to frozen windows

the instant you thought you were Hearing Santa Claus

small silvery Ribbons embracing evergreen branches

luring smells and fragrances from Inside cozy kitchens

Staying indoors while winter conquers the whole realm

drinking hot Tea from the most festive porcelain mugs

crystalline voices happily Murmuring forgotten carols

enjoying having as many of the loved ones Around again

when thousands of delicate Snowflakes dance in the air

63 Christmas cup tea desk resize (Instagram).jpg


Colorful letters, colorful wor(l)ds

Capture4What would colors say if, for a brief moment in time, they could posses the gift of speaking, of uttering words beautifully aligned in vivid dialogues or in never-ending monologues? Would the green whisper from deep within the emerald seas? Would the fiery orange sing odes to the picturesque summer sunset, or would it indulge in the art of conversation with the mighty shade of blue while sharing the evening canvas of the sky?

There`s a chance that no one will ever know with certainty, but what is for sure is that day I could really hear sweet verses rising from the delicate pink of a fresh peony…

66 Colorful pens spiral planner resize (Thoughts).jpg

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